Internet of Things IoT Firmware/Software Design ( End Devices/Gateway Design)

A business-critical requirement for any IoT network is a secure and highly reliable connectivity infrastructure. Our services include:
  • Communications firmware development and cross-platform integration
  • Secure communications encryption and device identification
  • Support for wireless protocols (e.g. ZigBee, XBee, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, 802.xx.x, Sub-1GHz, 2.4 GHz, custom Radio Protocols)
  • Co-location Testing
  • Co-location, Range & Interoperability Testing
  • RF tuning and optimization for discrete solutions
  • Sub1 and 2.4GHz band communication for custom point to point and broadcast protocols for sensor data, status messages, distributing firmware upgrades and media content
  • Wired or wireless networking management and integration