AVARE Platform Overview

AVARE Platform is umbrella of modular/scalable, end to end, inhouse, integrated Products consisting of Sensors, Edge Devices, Gateway, Cloud Analytics Software and Mobile Apps. Inhouse end to end solution ensures for seamless integratation and operational efficieincy

Avare Solutions

By bringing the Industry needs and AVARE Platform together, domain experts continously add solutions to help various Industry segments.

Better data, better decisions, Simplified micro tasks to help employees focus on core business functions. Improve productivity/efficiences of Man & Machines…

Monitor operational parameters of your key machinery to reduce maintaince and downtime…

Monitor Energy leakages of Water/Air/Gas & Oil /Electricity/Steam equipments to reduce OPEX…

AVARE Services

Comprehensive suite of customised engineering development, support and consulting services allied with AVARE IOT products

Sensor Design

Sensors software and hardware design/development not limited to temperature, pressure, flow, motion, moisture, humidity Industrial/Automtoive/Medical sensors.

Cloud, Analytics, App

AVARE drives your digital transformation by building cloud apps, modernizing your legacy applications,

Embedded Software

Embedded Software for Edge Device & Gateways for network management applications and protocols not limited to Modbus, MQTT, CAN, OPC 2,4Ghz ISM, GSM, Lora,

Functional Safety

Functional Safety Life Cycle Management of Industrial, Automotive, Medical Systems as per IEC 61508, ISO26262,IEC 62304, ISO13849 standards

Embedded Hardware

Sub1Ghz/LPWAN for ultra Low power based on leading ARM, Cortex processors.

Avare Products

Patform consisting of modular, scalable, End to End, Inhouse Developed Industrial grade Products with Seamless integration.

Cloud Software

Managed and Secure Software as a service (SaaS) Cloud Analytics, Mobile Apps Solution to accelerate deployment of IOT solutions across industries.


Modular/Multiprotocol Industrial Gateway for interfacing with wired, wireless network protocol and topologies.

End Device

Modular Edge Device capable long life battery powered, Sub1Ghz, 2,4Ghz, capable of supporting multiple sensors.


Sensor products that suit the need of interfacing with Industrial, Automotive and Medical verticals