Internet of Things IoT Hardware Design (End Device / Smart Sensor Design)

The End Devices / smart sensor, or “edge device,” sits on the outer edge of the IoT network and collects the granular data required by industries, businesses, individuals, and intelligent systems. Our services include:

  • Support for wireless protocols (e.g. Dash7, LoraWAN, 6LowPan, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, 802.xx.x, Sub-1GHz, 2.4 GHz, custom Radio Protocols)
  • Development of custom single- or multi-function sensors
  • Sensor integration (e.g. pressure, flow, acoustic, motion, temperature, moisture)
  • Smart power management (e.g. ultra-low-power states)
  • Modular, Scalable and optimised hardware
  • RF Schematic and Layout