Productivity Improvement

Better data, better decisions, Simplified micro tasks to help employees focus on core business functions. Improve productivity/efficiences of Man & Machines. Here’s a look at several other specific ways that IoT can help drive man/machine productivity:

Location Tracking

a. Realtime, accurate tracking of moving assets
b. Accurate inventories to track raw material inputs vs production/shipping quantities
c. Monitor important safety/business critical assets.
d. Reduce thefts.

Remote Asset Monitor & Management

a. Real time remote parameter monitoring of critical assets by technical experts.
b. Proactive management of assets to improve utilisation, peak production throughput and reduce bottlenecks.
c. OEMs can build better products by data mining of product failures and performances.
d. Reduce onsite visits, improve repair time.

Simplified Micro Tasks

a. Simplify/Automate mundane or routine tasks that affect bottom line performances
b. Free employees to focus on core business functions for intelligent decisions.

Better Data

a. Automatically gather key performance metrics of man/machine, b. Reduce human error to get accurate & real time statistics c. React faster with better decision to reduce losses & improve utilisations. d. Pinpoint bottlenecks to Improve turn around time.

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