The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the collection of medical devices and applications that connect to healthcare IT systems through online computer networks. Medical devices equipped with wireless connectivity allow the machine-to-machine communication that is the basis of IoMT. IoMT devices link to cloud platforms, on which captured data can be stored and analyzed. IoMT is also known as healthcare IoT.

Applications for following segments of medical industry :

  • Hospitals Management,
  • Dagnostics Centers,
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Medical OEMs
  • Telemedicine

Use Case - Patient Monitoring

IoMT include remote patient monitoring of people with chronic or long-term conditions; tracking patient medication orders and the location of patients admitted to hospitals; and patient’s wearable Health devices, which can send information to caregivers. Infusion pumps that connect to analytics dashboards and hospital beds rigged with sensors that measure patient’s vital signs are medical devices that can be converted to or deployed as IoMT technology

AVARE IOT Platform - Medical

  • AVARE has been developing connected medical devices for over years.
  • We understand the unique regulatory, privacy, and security requirements related to IoMT.
  • Smart, connected devices promise to enable better patient care and new efficiencies in healthcare delivery.