Cloud (Platform, Analytics, App) for IOT

We can help accelerate your digital transformation initiatives by building cloud apps, modernizing your legacy applications, enabling as-a-service models and developing disruptive IoT and mobile solutions. We help you innovate at scale with modern cloud-native architectures, built with high agility, self-service cloud infrastructure, and delivered at velocity using AVARE Products, continuous delivery & automation.

We are specialize in next generation cloud apps using multiple factor principles, micro-services architectures, anti-brittleness designs, APIs and container technology. We take full advantage of cost, scalability, elasticity and performance benefits offered by the cloud to develop robust, scalable apps which are easier to iterate or change, and perform with low latency under high and variable degrees of load.

IoT Cloud Plaform

We can customise AVARE IoT solutions that drive operational agility to enable digital transformation. We integrate fragmented ecosystem of your process, software, data & devices, to deliver IoT solutions that uncover insights, ideas and business opportunities. We can:
  • Connect, monitor, and control millions of IoT assets using secure reliable, bi-directional communication and real-time data ingestion
  • Build, deploy and consume powerful cloud based machine learning models and predictive analytics for IoT
  • Process real-time data stream in the cloud, perform real-time analytics to gain real-time insights from devices, sensors, infrastructure, and applications.
  • Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion to log millions of events with variable load profiles in near real-time, and process & analyze data produced by connected devices and app.
  • Send localized push notifications for fast broadcast to millions of devices on any platform from any backend with low-latency, scaled-out cloud infrastructure
  • Co-ordinate manage, transform, and analyze structured and unstructured data to generate actionable insights

IoT Cloud Applications

Many types of IoT data translate into true business value via connectivity with the cloud. AVARE can develop cloud connectivity applications that enable functionality such as:

  1.  Domain Specific
  2.  Intelligent Analytics
  3.  Real time Notifications